About Us
From the dawn of its existence as a family business in the backyard of the Cohen family in Karkur, in 1997, our company has put an emphasis on striving for excellence at service, creativity and professional innovation to establish its status as a leading body, whilst expanding its activity to additional avenues and interfaces in all of its areas of activity. 
Today as well, below the roof of thousands of square meters of production halls and storage sites and with rapid developmental momentum, the company continues to improve this service policy daily and its vision to continue and lead in all of its area of activity and manufacture elite quality products and without compromises under the management system quality 9001:2014, on behalf of the Standards Institute of Israel.
We invest efforts in detecting and adopting innovate technological solutions in the world and implementing them in the local market, we act in a professional and innovative fashion whilst staying aware for recent advancements and changes in our field and provide a variety of solutions and ongoing service for the needs of every client in cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world.
We believe the strength of the company is its inventory, the company’s inventory is big, broad and very diverse, in addition to many reserves for every and every product for faster service, likewise the power of bargaining when negotiating with global manufactures of some of our products and the ability to manufacture many products at the company’s factory gives the customer the benefit to put together the most vast and high quality product basket at the One Stop Shop at an attractive price and a single phone call while minimizing the dependence on a large amount of suppliers.
The key of the company’s success is within the combination of reliable, professional and credible service, integrity and transparency towards the customer, humble profits and providing the best products while adjusting them to each customer, the company serves as inspiration and a role model to all of its competitors in both the business model and the attempt to replicate our products.
The company maintains operational equipment renewing it often and also innovative and advanced machinery, to prevent logistical faults and delayed supplies and maintain low cost operations as to not roll these costs on the customer back in pricing the products. 
The company takes pride in its professional, senior and devoted employee team and a professional, young and dynamic management.
The company acts for environmental protection and supports decreased use of raw materials and implements advanced methods for the production of the highest quality products without surplus and unnecessary and contaminating materials according to the strictest international standards. All company waste is recycled and reused. 
Our fine customer basis is characterized by persistent customers over many years who appreciate product quality and enjoy fast service without competition, due to an independent distribution system in daily supply lines nationwide.
We invite you to be an inseparable part of the Nuriel family and we would be happy to assist you at any time. 
Nuriel. Superior in service, top quality.